3 comments on “Pilot Survey For The Book

  1. Not sure if it qualifies as “online dating”, but I met my (American) wife on Facebook and we had a purely internet-based relationship, from 4300 miles apart, for three years before we met in person. By that time, we already knew we were made for each other and it was confirmed when she came over here on holiday in August 2014. By November that year, she and her daughter had moved here and by January last year, we were married.

    All together now; “Ahhhhh!”

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  2. I met my hubby by dating on line as well. I worked full time and when to college at night. Not a lot of time for meeting partners that way. I posted ads instead. LOL. And I will say yes, they wanted nude photos, yes they sent nude photos to me unasked for (why men think their penis is their best aspect I don’t know), and yes I was harassed. Not by my husband of course. LOL. I’m neither gay nor trans-gendered – for your results.

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