Contact Details

From time to time I work with other blogs to do interviews as well as have guest posts published on here. If you feel like you would like a guest post on here or to interview me please email me  at . Please note that the nature of my work is based around sex, relationships, transition, drug recovery, being wheelchair bound and being queer. This might not be appropriate for some people, and I have no intention of hiding who I am. 

I am under no pretenses also. I’m aware a lot of people do contact me to be a study case. Don’t get me wrong, I do love helping students, but please understand that I am not a walking dictionary, and whilst my experience is unique, I do not speak for everyone who is gay, trans and/or disabled. 

There is of course my twitter , which is @tcausten. I often share a wide variety of work from different authors there, plus I shit post a lot. My instagram is @tylercharlesausten though it is harder these days to get out there and take photos 

Finally there is my Facebook like page which is Tyler Charles Austen. Which posts up my blog posts as soon as they are written. Please feel free to give that a like.