13 comments on “Stop Judging Me Based On My Appearance

  1. I know what you mean; my wife has Fibro and, because she copes without complaining, people sometimes fail to realise the amount of pain she is in. Unfortunately she is such a strong person, that she’ll not let on how hard some things are for her and will just battle on to help others, at the cost to her own health. I’m in awe of her strength of character sometimes and it makes me feel bad, complaining about comparably trivial aches and pains.

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  2. I get exactly the same! I’m in pain on a daily basis, chronic fatigue and a whole host of issues. It’s so ignorant of others to assume you are well. I’ve had people before say to me but you don’t look in pain..like wtf?!

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  3. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, so I have some idea what you mean about having an illness that doesn’t show. I’m so sorry, though, for the rudeness you encounter & the pain you feel on the inside. (((hugs))) ❤

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  4. Wow. I know lots of people with different “hidden illnesses” and most of them simply battle through their days trying to fit in with everyone else. Others feel the need to hide themselves away because they cannot explain themselves constantly for needing certain facilities etc. It is a sad state of affairs that our society has come to this. Well done to you for speaking out.

    (I have a chronic eye condition that causes severe Dry Eye Syndrome and immense pain. Some days I literally want to rip my eyes from their sockets to try and stop the pain. But, it is not recognised in wider medical circles, and therefore I do not qualify for any kind of support or acceptance.)

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  5. I’ve been on the receiving end of that insensitivity when I walked with a cane in my twenties! The utter disbelief that a young person could have problems and difficulties! Now that I’m older I’ve wondered if those people who were the rudest had themselves experienced the same treatment when they were younger and once they became an age where it was “acceptable” for them to have ailments and they let loose all the vitriol they had stashed inside of their souls onto the next person.

    Sending good thoughts to you!

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  6. Our deep ingrained prejudice and mindset makes me sad to the core. Something is really wrong with people and we need to be more understand about other’s needs. A brilliant, bold and honest post. Keep being the way you are.

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