2 comments on “Trans Is Not Just For The Young

  1. Hi . I’m 47 and only just allowed myself to be pretty much fully out as non binary . For me many reasons I had childhood trauma and depression and I think I have only in the last five years realised where some of my self hate had come from .. and I really wanted to stop that . I was lucky enough to be able to do therapy and it has really helped . It’s very strange to be starting out as me now ., I do in some weird way almost feel like a teen starting life .. which may sound odd to some but it is as if I feel I’m only just fully starting to live more authentically and I say to anyone in the same position . No matter what your age – It is worth it .. in my opinion anyway . Another reason for waiting was wanting to know that my immediate family were properly ok . I don’t know it shouldn’t be that way but when you have children / partner etc you don’t want your decisions to have any negative impact on them . My daughter will be 18 this year . I think I told her privately at around 16 and she was fantastic.

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