3 comments on “My Internalised Phobia

  1. I can’t even begin to understand how you would feel. But now that you’ve posted this, I’m thinking on this. If you are in a chair, you would be at a different eye level than those not. Would that make you feel that they are looking down on you? And how would all that feel? I’m asking myself. It’s not very much, I know.


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    • Honestly, yeah you are at an entire level to the average person. I mean I was cause I’m only 5ft 3 but it’s different. Quite depressing actually.
      You have pretty much about 2.5ft maybe 3ft and you constantly have people looking down at you all the time. Quite often not intentionally.
      The perks mean that being that low, you can see all the shop bargains and value stuff cause it’s never at eye level, and I make a great basket for shopping.


  2. I don’t mean to seem rude but when I look at your profile picture and see horns growing out of your head it gives me pause. But then again if you are sitting in a wheelchair I probably wouldn’t notice it as much.

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