11 comments on “I Am Not Your Inspiration

  1. You are the second person I’ve heard, maybe third, say they don’t want their story told. The other one was my cousin. We were in high school and she said, “I wish the principal and teachers would quit holding me up as an example to the other students saying, ‘If Mary can do her work, there’s no reason you can’t do yours.'” She’d say that last line in a high pitched voice mimicking a teacher. She was 80-90% blind going to a public school She got all her work done because her parents had to help her and they wouldn’t let her quit until everything was finished. What other kid has their parents standing over them making sure they do their work? While Mary would’ve liked to goof off, she couldn’t. She was the first to tell me, she’s nobody’s inspiration. We need more people saying it loud and often.

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    • Jesus that’s awful.
      That’s the thing, once you put someone on a pedestal to look up to, there is suddenly a forced effort to do equally or better, even when that sometimes is a physical impossibility.
      This especially shouldn’t happen with children. They should be allowed to breath and learn for themselves their own limitations


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