3 comments on “Confession And Honesty

  1. I can definitely sympathize with your frustration, especially with all the emotional labor that comes with upholding any queer identity as valid and real, and espcially with all the blatant biphobia from all sides. Try not to feel ashamed for admitting your own truth. A shift or growth in your sexuality doesn’t discredit all the wonderful work and advocacy it looks like you’ve done. Wherever we “end up”, everywhere we were and all who we have been along the way still matter. You’ve got support here.

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  2. Wow. I had no idea that life could be such a struggle in terms of your own personal identity. I really have been sheltered in my little world. Good for you being honest about your feelings and your true self. It does aggravate me that we humans must always put labels onto things. Yes, I am straight, I am sexually attracted to men, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t consider being intimate with a woman if the right one turned my head… And someone very close to me is battling with gender identity. That is a work in progress so I can’t say much more in public. Thank you, Tyler, for being here as a role model. I admire you.

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  3. I don’t think it should disappoint anyone if you’re being true to yourself. What sometimes frustrates me is the need for the labels at all. There are so many now and there will always be someone who doesn’t completely fit into any of them and then yet another one is born. Sometimes they sound the same to me but, if I say it, people will get upset. *shrugs*
    I identify as pansexual but I’m sure I’d be questioned because I married a man. Whatever… I have preferences too and there’s no rulebook. I have fallen for people who were not my ‘type’ before.
    I hope you find your peace calling yourself whatever you like or nothing at all. How about human?

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