9 comments on “Body Shame – Curse Of The Nippleless

  1. I got an infection in one of my nipples and now I’m left with a big pink scar where it used to be, so infections definitely happen. Good for you for sticking to what you thought was best for yourself. I do plan on getting a little reconstruction and tattooing, but that’s my choice. I would never put you down for choosing the opposite. It’s sad that we can’t all just chill out.

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      • I agree. Whatever you do is your business. Unfortunately, the trans community is just a microcosm of the greater community and there are some out there who want to dictate what everyone else should be doing. I don’t have time for those people and choose to ignore them.

        I’m about 10 months post op now and just starting to feel like things are settling down. Two weeks is way too soon to do anything permanent like a tattoo. Those people are ignorant who are telling you to run out and get tattoos immediately.

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  2. It’s everywhere now. Do this because everyone else does. Do this because it makes us comfortable. F that. It’s my life. It’s your life. Live it as you choose. That’s the whole point of freedom to choose. Living the way that suits you.

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  3. I chose to keep my nipples, but I had a serious allergic reaction to the glue they used to keep everything in place .. half of my one of my nipples degraded. I plan on having revision for this and for serious dogears. I’ve always been really aggravated that for a community who is supposed to understand that the binary is bullshit, largely we have ultimately become just as much of the patriarchy. I myself can get caught up in the bullshit.
    I have seen a few tattooed nipples and they look amazing.

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    • My partner had a huge allergic reaction to the glue and/or dressing when they had top surgery and it affected the results.
      Its something people don’t actually consider.


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