9 comments on “Is Sex Such A Dirty Word? 

  1. Well said, Tyler! That whole conversation earlier on was a complete joke. Denying people to talk about anything even remotely related to sex just endangers people. Taboos have never solved any issues. Thankis for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

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      • Yeah I can’t keep quiet anymore either when I see communities being damaged by that kind of prudish behaviour, and by adherence to outdated views that simply don’t belong in the 21st century.

        Let’s rock! 🙂

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      • Defo count me in! Nearly ten years ago I experienced some serious abuse by some people in the fetish scene (including the person whom I moved in with at the time), which left me pretty damaged and I’ve been staying away from any events since. But if something like that was set up in a safe environment, explicitly for trans / queer people and their friends, I’d be the first to say ‘Hell yes!’ 👍

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      • Yeah. Kai and I have been really fucked off with the scene for years and how it doesn’t actually provide any safe environment for trans folk. When I’ve brought it up in LGBT munches, it’s been brushed under the carpet or cis partners get the whole “it must be hard being with a trans person” bullshit.

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  2. It’s definitely not safe out there. I’ll tell you when I see you sometime, but it left some seriously deep scars and not all wounds have healed, even after ten years. So as a result, as much as I’d love to have some sexual experiences, I’m not going to place myself at even the slightest risk, even if it means having to deny myself certain pleasures. A lot of that could have been avoided, had I had a safe place and trusted people at the time where I would have been able to talk aobut what was going on. But I’ve always found most members of the so-called ‘trans scene’ too distant and self-absorbed to open up to anyone about what is going on for me at any specific moment.

    Need to head off to bed now, but keep us updated on FB about what is going on. And I’m definitely looking forward to Jak’s sauna! 🙂

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  3. In my experience, people in general are frequently uncomfortable talking about sex. I’ve had multiple friends ask me to have the sex talk with their kids because they couldn’t or wouldn’t. But bravo to you for being a port in the silence storm. People need information.

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