8 comments on “Writing Prompts

    • Hi. Thank you for your response. I thought I would respond as quick as I could. I’m actually bisexual (as well as being transgender) and not gay. Also my sexual health is something that hasn’t really come up. Whilst I have two partners, and have and do have other people I sleep with, its not been something I worry about as I practice safe sex and get regularly tested.
      I hope this clears things up for you

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      • Your home page says queer…. I’ve only ever heard my gray make friends refer to themselves this way. Didn’t mean to offend. And let me clarify. I am curious if there is the fear of disease that so many of my friends had with the younger generation, specifically you. …I’m pleased you are concerned about safe sex because so many of your peers, mostly heterosexual, are not. As a psychologist, that concerns me.


      • Thank you.
        Yeah queer can mean anyone within the LGBT+ community and is used often with many people who are not just gay. You didn’t offend don’t worry. I also take it as a compliment that you think I’m a young person. I’m not hahaha.
        Most of my peers also are part of the LGBT community and I live in a city where a lot of people are not heterosexual.
        We however have easy access to testing for all sexual heath related issues and easy access to condoms so its all OK here

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