4 comments on “Not My President

  1. He didn’t get there because of my vote! Unfortunately my one vote wasn’t enough to cancel out the votes of my aunt, my uncle, several cousins and far too many friends that I thought were smarter than they turned out to be.

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  2. Believe me, once you have a system where the majority wins, it gets fishy. It’s not so much that more people preferred Trump, it’s that more of his supporters made it to the polls. Preventative voting has and does happen, where opposition’s support is “misplaced” threatened, blocked or otherwise disqualified from being able to vote. And frankly, everyone got too comfortable thinking he would lose and therefore didn’t put in that effort -maybe now that they are uncomfortable and distressed, they will be more involved and active in the process in 2020. Slacktivism is very real…
    Thanks for your post and perspective.

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