7 comments on “5 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Bisexual People

  1. Wow! Great post. I think one of the biggest reasons people say such stupid things to people is based on their own assumptions of how we live our lives. I personally have learned that until you walk in someone’s shoes you have no right to say anything judgmental to them. Assuming anyone would be okay with a threesome or that they are simply transitioning into another sexuality is ignorant at best, and flat out rude at worst. Thank you for sharing this!

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  2. I guess I would have two responses. Since I would generally not have a clue as to another’s sexuality, I would generally have no directed response. (This would be the most common.) But, if that someone brought it up, my response would depend upon why it came up. If I were interested in a relationship and this was the response, then my interest would be quelled. (I have no desire to share- I’m selfish in that regard.) If it came up just because, then i would probably just say cool and change the subject. Because we each have our own lives to lead. And, that lifestyle or life choice doesn’t involve one attempting to kill others, to deny science, or to control the world. So, “Let it be” applies.

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  3. I have to confess I have never really considered the fact that some people are non-binary (is that the correct phrase?) since I have had little or no contact in my social circles. Coming from a very traditional background, this is all a huge and fascinating learning curve (and brilliant inspiration for characters in my stories!)

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