11 comments on “L – Love

  1. First time? Ah yes, 17, such love anguished years. What I thought was love then, I look back at and realize it wasn’t. Yet, maybe I can’t say that. Because even now in my 50’s I realized that love has changed throughout the years as I’ve grown. So just because my young love wasn’t the same as the mature love I feel now, I can’t truly say that it wasn’t love.

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  2. That is awesome that you are still friends with your first love. My ex, although not my first love, is now my best friend. He has come to be someone I can depend on beyond all others and it’s such a blessing that we spent time together as a couple for we really know each other now. We love each other despite our differences and all we went through…
    I love hearing when people remain friends after a breakup. It doesn’t always happen that way, that’s for sure!

    Michele at Angels Bark

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  3. It sounds like he’s lucky to have you as a friend, you sound a respectful guy with a realistic, mature outlook on life. Slightly not answering the question as it wasn’t the first time I felt love, but one of the most intense times was when I realised my elderly father now needed help and that the tables had turned. He was no w having to rely on his daughters rather than the other way round, as it had been for the last 40-50 years. Somehow, being able to reciprocate for what he did for us, as we were growing up, helps.

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  4. It is good to hear that you remain so friendly with your first love. If only it were the same for me! My experiences of being in love usually ended in heartache and complete separation, apart from the marriage I am in now (although that comes with its own challenges).

    Oh, and you and I must be psychic blog twins, because my M theme is Mother as well! 😉


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