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  1. What fun! Love their names. And you’re right, getting pics of black cats is not easy.
    We’re up to 10 all black cats now. We took one in when a friend moved & couldn’t take her cat. Then I grumbled one day, that we had too many gray tabby rescues – we needed a different color. The next rescue was an all black little boy, Onyx.
    We couldn’t catch his sister, then a few weeks later she disappeared. She showed up a few months later, tame and talkative. And very pregnant. We think the neighbors tamed her, she was back and forth between our house & theirs. Chatting up a storm. First we called her Chatty Cathy, then shortened it to CeeCee. She started coming in the house to visit, then off she’d go. When it seemed to be close to kitten time, I said, lets keep her in & then we’ll have her and all the kittens & can get them fixed. She hasn’t been back outside.
    She had six kittens last May – all coal black. One died at about 4 weeks. Two got an URI. Took them to the vet for breathing treatments. They said they’re fine, don’t need to see them again. An hour after we got home Clyde died.
    I put my foot down and said we had to rehome some, we were getting too many cats. Until a friend of a friend messaged me that she might want one or two. HUH? MY CATS? She wants MY CATS? By then we’d watched them all be born, nursed them, supplement fed the 2 tiniest ones. They weren’t going anywhere, Kamille, Little Chi, Pipsqueak, Piglet and Mr. Peabody are ours now.
    Then, Thanksgiving weekend, a feral had kittens under the house across the street from us. They were about 5-6 weeks old & she brought them across the street to eat on the porch. So we snatched up her three. Shadow and Lucky are black, Nippers is a gray tabby, possibly a bit of Maine Coon, he’s a BIG boy.
    That’s the black cats in the family. And you’re right, they all have very different temperments, attitudes and personalities.
    I love what you said “Having cats in your life is like having a huge purrbag of love and sass rolled into one. “

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  3. Hello fellow contender in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I just wanted to drop by to thank you for checking out my blog earlier and in tribute to you, I’ve tagged you in my post for today. I love kitties. Kowtow to the Knightwriter. Feel free to check it out! Cheers and best wishes through the rest of the challenge.


  4. I do love cats, even though I’m more of a dog person. We would have a cat if our dog weren’t so scared of them! He gets terrorized by our next-door neighbour’s tortoiseshell cat, and she just had kittens about a month ago. I think they have all been re-homed now… My mil has a cat called Badger, and he is gorgeous. Black with white socks and chest patch, he loves cuddles with my toddler when we go to visit, and he is very talkative as well.

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  5. Whoever said black cats have no personality has either never met one or is a very poor judge of character. 😀 You have lovely kittens with lovely names. By the way I believe it’s never up to you to let the cats know they are better and that they own you because they are born with this knowledge! I used to have a tomcat about 10 years ago I loved him to pieces. Unfortunately I can’t have one currently but hope this changes in the near future. ^^

    Rian from

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