6 comments on “A – Animal Rescue

  1. Rescue is such a good thing. We are gone too much to do more personally than adopt rescued dogs and cats, but Ann Arbor, where I live, has a list of good samaritans who specialize in different animals, so I know the squirrel lady (she is a neighbor) and the bird lady, and I know where to call if I find any other sort of critter than needs a rescue. Maybe when I retire I will take some on myself.

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  2. My son and his wife rescued a charming poodle who is a wonderful family addition. Good luck with the challenge.


  3. I missed this one earlier. Great post! (Ask the 22 cats here, yes, I am an advocate of animal rescue.) We’re down to 2 dogs though, from 7. All rescues too. With a mom and 4 of her children, they were so close in age, that we’ve lost most of them over the past three or four years.
    I love your moms crow!

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