4 comments on “Review – Deadpool

  1. What did you think about the LGBT side of things? I’ve read lots of negative things about this film regarding the LGBT community, which is putting me off seeing it

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    • I didn’t personally see any issues regarding LGBT people except for deadpool suggesting that the female villain was trans. That was the only thing that could have been seen as problematic


  2. Hmm ok. I know that Zoolander 2 is another film that’s come under fire from the LGBT community but it’s not my type of film so wouldn’t see it anyway. But I was disappointed to read about Deadpool.
    Historically trans woman have always been viewed as the villain and in 2016 you would think that the film industry would have progressed a bit and not use the LGBT community as a punchline. I’m still not sure I’m going to see this film


    • Oh no she isn’t trans, it was dead pool asking a question because he was getting his ass kicked by her and assumed she must “have been male” to kick his ass.
      The film is actually pretty good, considering that deadpool is canon queer anyway.

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