10 comments on “Ten things I’m thankful for – 12

  1. whens surgery? Best to you … no surgery no matter how welcome is a blast so I hope its as comfortable as possible for you… sorry about the seziure… sucks… I may sound like an idiot (hope not) but whats a non binary workshop? and cats… cats… I just dont know what to say about cats…


    • Oooh. Ok, surgery is as soon as one of the three surgeons have a slot. So it can be within a few months upto the end of the year.
      The non binary workshops are for people who do not identify solely as just male or female. So people who are genderqueer / agender / genderfluid and other non binary identities.


      • OHHHHHHH is that a new term or have I been living in a cave? Man, I havent heard that term used in that way…oh wait…yes I have.. you or kai explained it to me once…duh… sorry just thinking as I write … a real flow of conciousness…. its all coming back to me now! ahhahahaha!


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