11 comments on “Ten things I’m thankful of – 11

  1. welcome back! love the hair! Do you change it frequently or will you keep it for a while? I am jealous at how often some people can change hair color…. I can barely comb it every day…ha!

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    • Thank you for your comment. Its great to be back.
      Yes I do change my hair about every 6-12 weeks, often coinciding with events and functions. Sometimes sooner if I have the time. At the moment though its different from that picture, its darker blue and purple with black/dark grey sides for my appointment for the gender clinic on the 19th.


  2. The hair is fucking spectacular.
    I love the internet especially in the winter because — cold — and people here are my saving grace.
    I have a kick ass scarf that I named “Adele”. People make fun of it because it literally swallows my entire head but whatever bitches. I’m warm AF and you’re not.
    And did I mention that your hair is fucking spectacular.

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