11 comments on “Ten things I’m thankful for 7 – Hate crime edition

  1. A kindergarten teacher had one rule: “Be nice.” If only everyone would live by that rule, hate crimes wouldn’t exist.


  2. there is that incredibly difficult balance between being aware of the violence and remaining un-affected by it… not certain quite what that means, other than (my personal belief) our relationship with the world around us is subject to our feelings and, somehow, that has a very real effect on the world as we experience it.

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  3. Just yesterday I had a quick conversation with my oldest on racism – he stated that it is no longer a really big issue (I think he was referring to our non-urban area). My response was that it is still out there and will be for a few generations yet, it’s just not as blatant as it used to be.

    Unfortunately there are no fast fixes to these problems. It will take generations of people working hard to become more accepting of others.

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  4. Though difficult to read these reports, thank you for posting this. It is so sad that there are so many hateful words and vicious acts done by people toward people. This world wasn’t meant to be this way.


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