7 comments on “Television And Transition

  1. I had someone recommend this to Cal and me, assuming we would be fascinated to take a voyeur’s look at our future… Mercifully, I could politely decline by simply pointing out that we have no TV. Things like this make me very glad with that living arrangement.

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  2. Since the age of Big Brother, television has been nothing but shock docs & normal people transformed into freak shows for the entertainment of others. And we think we’ve progressed from the shadows on Plato’s cave… much love xx


  3. Oh wow this is horrible that they did this! I heard about the fact that they were airing a show around this issue but didn’t really look into it as I know Channel 4 isn’t usually the best on the documentaries fronts! I’m so glad to come across your blog though! This needs to be spoken about more. x
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!


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