5 comments on “Greeting Cards

  1. I endeavor to do a “Crafted Christmas” every year, and try to make our Christmas gifts to everyone. I usually falter when it comes to the kids in the family, since no self-respecting 5 year old wants a knitting scarf for Christmas. Last year I knitted Christmas Stockings, individualized with everyone’s name, and then filled them with little goodies. (Like orange tic-tacs labeled as “snowman noses.”) I comes out to about the same prices for family, but definitelly cheaper when I do little projects (like bookmarks and packets of hot chocolate fixings) for friends. Also, I feel like it’s a little more in line for the season. Outside of Christmas, I don’t craft as much as I wish I did. I tried my hand at making cars, but mine never turned out as awesome as yours!


    • Thank you very much for the wonderful comment. I really want to try and do a crafting Christmas (I gave my family each a scarf I made last year). I’ve already made a load of Christmas cards, so I’m already starting to get there

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  3. One of my friend’s mothers used to make greeting cards at a senior center. I sent her the fronts of a lot of cards and the people would cut and paste to their hearts content. On several occasions she would send me back the finished product, and I loved it! I think this can be fun for you, and possibly successful, too1


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