19 comments on “Ten things I’m thankful for 5 – holiday edition

  1. Having a phone with a camera is a great thing. I’ve taken more photos in the past two years then the entire rest of my life.

    Crafts and hobbies are the best. I cannot wait to have things looked after enough here to start enjoying mine again. I look forward to seeing some of the things you’re making.


  2. (I take it, that’s the moon?)… nice work. I have a phone, but things, especially large things seem to shrink in the photos I take. Congrats on the award, recognition is always a good thing. Agree with you, especially about dogs… they are perfect lifeforms!


  3. I tried to take a picture of the moon last night on a point and shoot camera (I don’t have the phone/camera ) IT was a total fail, but I like that we are taking pictures of the same thing from differnt places..isn’t it amazing??


  4. Definitely nice to have the convenience of a camera at hand. And the quality on cell phone cameras anymore is just great. Scotland…on my list of places to see one day. Beautiful.
    Would love to see the cards and more about the owls!


    • I finally got round to posting the cards, its my most recent post.
      I will possibly get round to posting another photo collection, with more photos of owls.
      Thank you for the comment


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