9 comments on “Bi Erasure And Visibility

  1. Thank you for this post.
    Unfortunately, I too have experienced more discrimination and verbal abuse from the members of LG than anywhere else. People would literally shout “Doesn’t your ass hurt from riding the fence so long?”
    I noticed repeatedly though that my being bisexual was affecting their sense of safety (in that particular community). They grew up feeling under attack all their life, and they could see safety when they were surrounded by people exactly like them only.
    It helped me with my empathy toward them and helped curb my frustration.
    But it does not help give the bisexuals the support they need. Luckily I’m sort of used to not being supported, but I am scared for other people in my position.

    Posts like yours will hopefully them feel supported.


  2. Blogs/writings like this need to be out there because there is are still massive misconceptions about bi people, their relationships, their loves/attractions and their lives.

    In the year 2015 it is very sad that elements of the LG community reject our life choices, erasing our existence whilst many straight people think that we are totally “greedy”, some might be but no more than other identities.

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  3. I remember once reading a sex psychology book that posited most everyone was bisexual at heart, albeit on a varying and / or fluctuating scale. Admittedly, knowing that I certainly am puts me in no place to contradict this, but I have heard the same theory in other places. Of course, one would expect social conservatives and alpha male types to strenuously deny any glimmer of same sex attraction within their psyche. Sad, though, if the LG community feels obliged to simply flip such narrow mindedness on its head rather than truly challenge it.

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    • Sadly I don’t think at the moment the LG community is willing to either understand or attempt to work with the bisexual community.
      I do feel however that there are many people who are strictly homo or heterosexual and to imply that everyone is on the scale of bisexual may make people feel like their identities are being erased.

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      • I personally think that people who insist in their identity have a reason.
        Maybe it’s important for their sense of security – the sense of belonging. Maybe it’s so they don’t feel so lost and confused and painful. Maybe it’s important for other reasons. But I think that we have to be kind and let them have that.
        Besides, isn’t what we bisexuals hate the most being told the identity we believe in don’t exist?

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