6 comments on “Ten things I’m thankful for – 4

  1. You covered all the basics in your post, music, food, friends, animals, internet stuff. I’m a birthing ship, too (love that description) and I’m glad you honor your Mom.


  2. Wow. What a list.
    I so agree. I love my phone and just got a new battery for it. A lot of my posts have been about music lately, including my thankful post this week.
    I have a few good times coming up with friends this week and that always makes me feel better. Glad you have that too. We all need it.


  3. We’ve had a few more roasted meals this week now that the weather has cooled. I know I’ll be anxious for barbecue again come March, but for now it’s nice to have things like stew and roasted vegetables.


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