9 comments on “Oh I Love The Cake

  1. I don’t like to cook at all but I know how and can do it if I have to. I think since everyone eats that everyone should know how to make themselves a meal. I don’t see it as a gendered chore, i.e. women’s work. I’m fortunate that my partner doesn’t mind cooking, though she’s not in love with it either, and I don’t mind doing dishes so we balance each other out that way. I love cake too and enjoy baking now and then when I get in the mood for it. Who cares whether someone thinks it feminine to bake. If you want to do it then do it. I know lots of guys who love to cook.

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    • The thing is, I know there are 10000s of guys that do cook. Its just, until recently the trans masculine community was basically out there to be alpha all the time.
      Once on tumblr I got a shit load of anon hate claiming I couldn’t be trans, because I bake, like hello kitty and called my mum “mumma”.


      • You gotta be you, Tyler. I’m sorry the trans guys on tumblr haven’t evolved past those old stereotypes but that doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck in them.

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  2. Baking is so not a ‘chick’ activity. There are things my dad can do with pastry dough with such delicacy and grace it boggles my mind.
    I love and loathe baking, frequently at the same time. 15 hours of working with fondant will do that to a person.
    There should be no boundaries to cooking or baking, period. 70% of what I do, I’ve never done before. Personally, I’ve done several cakey things for my blog – a giant Minecraft TNT cake with sparklers (because everything is better with pyrotechnics), a purple and green Zerg cake roll, marbled cupcakes with Mortal Kombat characters frosted on, you get the idea. Admittedly, the Toad bombe cakes look ultra feminine and cute and I might’ve “Squee”‘d a little- but that was ONCE.
    …Yeah. I kind of get riled up about baking and stereotypes. >_>
    You could just be a troll, make some blacker-than-black Devil’s Food cake with bright red marbling, fill the center with raspberry jam, and decorate with broken sugar glass shards painted with red food coloring ‘blood’. Is that macho enough?

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