4 comments on “24 Months Of Injections

  1. Cuddles. I am so proud of you Tyler for everything you have dealt with and still managing to do so much work in the community both online and off. You have had a lot of issues and the fact that you are still going with it… wow. I love you Tyler Charles Austen. (Deal with my sap! :P)

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  2. “But first I would like to say that honestly, regardless on how you transition, how you decide where and when you are going, where you decide to stop. YOU ARE PERFECT. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! Your transition is YOURS and yours alone. There is no right way, no wrong way, there is your way.”

    Very well said. There is little I find more depressing than trans people deeming other trans people “not trans enough” because they can’t or won’t take such and such a path. Transitioning is one of the most monumental, life changing; challenging; and downright dangerous decisions a human being can take, and who are any of us to say that we are doing it the only right way? (Also, fundamentally, it is about finally taking control of one’s life and one’s body, rather than letting other people or circumstances dictate what you do with them)


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