10 comments on “Please Don’t Segregate Us Again , Brighton Pride

  1. “For fuck sake. Even Hitler wasn’t so fucking open about segregation like pride have been.”


    …I think several million Jews would disagree with you. Also, have you ever heard of Godwin’s Law? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law

    I’m sorry that Pride was not a positive experience for you and for many others. I used to live near Preston Park and avoided Pride largely because of the fact that, every single year, the park that I regularly took my kids to play in was trashed beyond belief after Pride weekend. I was initially disappointed not to have been able to make it this year, since it was the 25th anniversary – but from what people have said about it (and that bomb threat, which JESUS CHRIST scared the shit out of me when Kai told me about it), I’m glad I wasn’t there.


      • You told me, but I forgot you’d said it. ADD, ya gotta love it.

        As ever, my comment was just my two pennyworth of personal opinion. Might be worth adding a bit in explaining you are Jewish for those readers who come to it not knowing that about you?

        Damn, that’s fourpenceworth of opinion now. I’ll be breaking the bank at this rate.


      • I’ve chosen not to publicly go on about my faith because of the issues and stigma of being a trans person of faith. I have mentioned it in all my circles, I just choose not to online right now.


  2. Unfortunately I and many of my LGBT friends don’t even think of going to Pride because it is a threatening and unwelcome place for people who don’t enjoy large crowded places and getting drunk. I think Pride is a victim of its own success.


  3. I am now feeling very glad (and vindicated) that I didn’t g into the park, last year I got the impression that it was just another festival with bands I don’t want to hear and over priced beer I don’t want too drink, Add into the mix and unhealthy dose of transphobia and I recon I was better off on the train home.


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