8 comments on “Trans Pride 2015

  1. I hope your in-laws don’t read your blog…I can’t imagine what you wrote about them is going to make you MORE popular with them, however much of a good point you make. :/

    Well done on all your hard work, and for getting the pic of Kai’s pic. Also…FRIST!

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      • People have ways of finding stuff on the internet, though. For example, your blog is linked to on Kai’s – that’s how I found you. I recently discovered that my ex reads my blog, and that he found it because I came up in his ‘people you may know’ on Facebook – even though when he knew me on FB before it was under my birth name. And my children’s other father found an old blog of mine and used things I wrote in it about my mental illness to bring a case against me in court as an unfit parent (luckily he lost, hard, but again he found the blog by digging around). I’m just counselling caution, is all, based on past bitter experience.


      • They have ZERO interest in my life, and in all honestly, if they start snooping round, what’s going to happen? I get told that I’m not family again, don’t go to family functions and be made out to be this nasty person?


      • I can’t answer that question because I don’t know the people involved. I’ve said my tuppence-worth – I never said you had to listen to me!


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